Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This is the last of 4 blog updates I have done in the last couple of days. To see the others scroll down and hit "older posts". So glad to be caught up again. Enjoy!

Brad's dad came over and helped us in our backyard with his tractor. The boys rode in the bucket when he was done.

I love Lily's little braid. She had tubes put in her ears in October. The surgery was so fast! It only took about 7 minutes! We had to be to the hospital with her fasting at 5:30am and that was the hard part. The surgery was suppose to be at 7, but the doc didn't get there until 7:20. But, by 7:30 she was done and in our arms. She was mad and screamed for about 45 min. The rest of the day she was fine. We are really hoping she will have less ear infections!

Yeah! Ethan's tooth finally came out!
I took Lily trick or treating up and down our street and then I took her home and left her with Brad who was answering our door. I took the Boys out longer and this is what we found when we got back! All that mess is candy! Brad had to take away her bucket because she was eating them wrappers and all.
Ready to trick or treat!

We had a family Halloween/birthday party and everyone dressed up in costumes, except poor Eddie who was sick.
Ethan wanted a Despicable Me party for his 7th b-day in October. Brad dressed up like Gru to direct the games. I think they all had a lot of fun
Minion cakes made out of Twinkies
Ethan decided he really wanted to try wrestling. He really liked it, and did really well but by the end of the season we were all glad to be done.
Amazing how many people attend a wrestling tournament. This was only about half of them, the other half were behind me in the stands!
Picking pumpkins, burr it was freezing!
Brad and his Dad took the boys to an ISU football game and had a tail gate party before going in. Eddie thought this meant they had to eat in the trunk.

We got a bunny from a guy that Brad works with. He is pretty low maintenance and the kids love him. They named him Snowball

Ethan got reading glasses!
This is Allie, Lily's best pal. She asks to go to Allies house all the time.
When I put Lily in a onsie she likes to put things down the front of her shirt like cars and snacks. She thinks she is so funny until she tries to get these things back out, then it makes her mad because she can't!
We had a really scary experience in Sept. Lily fell down our stairs backwards and cut her head open and had to get 2 staples! Her head was so swollen it looked like a strawberry on the back of her head. Watching her get held down, and sitting there watching them do it while she looked at me screaming was the hardest moment I have had as a mom. I just sat there and cried. She was happier when they gave her 2 stickers.
Before the bath, she had blood in her hair
During the bath it was easier to see her staples. She is our 1st to have surgery, to have staples, and to get stung by a bee which happened a couple of days after getting staples. I hope she is not our 1st to have a broken bone, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Summer, summer, summer

When Brad's mom was on a trip to see her parents in UT, Brad's dad came to eat dinner with us one night and brought some yummy cupcakes!

We went to eat at Applebees and they had face painting!
Poor Eddie, he had had a long day
I did a lot of canning this summer/fall. I did some peaches, pears, applesauce and freezer tomatoes and 10 dozen corn. I had a hard time keeping Lily from taking bites out of all of it! She is such a helper!
We took a trip to see Brad's grandparents in Payson UT. They have a carnival and parade on Labor day, we had a lot of fun!

On our way to Brad's grandparents house we stopped at the Bean Museum on BYU campus and looked at all the animals. While we were there they did a live reptile show and the boys were excited to touch the huge turtle

We took our 3rd trip to WA this year, first stopping in Boise for a family reunion and picking up my sister Wendy at the airport there. She flew from CT and spent time with us at the reunion and then we went the rest of the way to WA to see my mom and my grandparents and to spend a little more time with my sister Jeni's family. Below is a pic of her 2 kids (Shyla ans Issac) and mine wearing the tie dye shirts they made with my mom.
We went to the fair while we were in WA. It was actually the day before it opened just to see the animals. The kids are looking at pigs in the pic below. The highlight of the trip to the fair was Ethan got to bottle feed a calf named Butter.
Making tie dye shirts at my mom's house
We loved getting to spend time with Aunt Wendy and wish CT wasn't so far away!

We spent an afternoon at my Grandma/pa Kauer's house visiting with my aunt and uncle and my cousin Ben's family. My Grandma has about everything you can think of to keep kids busy outside. They jumped on the tramp, played in the playhouse, on the swings and swam. They had a great time

My dad's side of the family had a big reunion this year with my Aunts/Uncles and cousins and their families. Not everyone was able to make it but there was still a big crowd. We played games, made crafts, swam, roasted marshmallows and had a really fun time catching up.
Eddie doing crafts
This is the huge lodge where we cooked and ate
This is looking out from the lodge at the field, fire pit and pool
This is the little cabin our family shared w/ Jeni's family and Wendy. The only things in the cabin were bare bunk beds, but there was room for port a cribs thank goodness and bathrooms and electricity in the lodge.
Ethan and Aunt Gloria (my dad's older sister) doing crafts
My cousin Lori's little girl Jenna looked A LOT like our Lily. Lori's mom and my dad are twins so I thought this was interesting. Jenna is about a month older than Lily