Friday, March 16, 2012

Silly Lily turned 2!

This blog is mostly about Lily because she turned 2 on the 10th! She is a very sweet and silly girl. Here are some pics about and what she loves. Below is a pic of her holding her V-day chocolates, she loves chocolate!
This is a pic of Ethan trying to get our neighbors wagon into our yard using the ladder from the swing set. I laughed, took a pic and told him to put it back.
When my mom and step dad came for a visit they brought their rope saw and helped us cut several huge branches from our very huge tree in the front of our house. It was a lot of had work and there is still so much more to do but it looks a lot better! below is a pic after cutting off about 6-7 branches
What a mess! This is the side of our house after we took down the branches. It is cleaned up now, but I couldn't believe how much was attached to what we brought down!
We went to the Dino museum w/Grandma & Grandpa while they were in town. This is after we was the dino, playing in the discovery area

The museum was awesome!

Lily trying to go down the car ramp like a slide...too big
They were FREEZING!
Lily LOVES to blow bubbles!
Ethan got a science kit from Grandma Diane and Grandpa Greg for Christmas. One of the projects was to make and erupt this volcano. Ethan LOVED it.
Eddie and his best buddy Arianne having a snowball fight in the backyard
Ethan reading stories. Yes Eddie is picking his he usually is
We went to the carnival at the library after their reading challenge to read a certain number of books. It was a lot of fun! They all got their face painted, lots of treats and prizes
Light sabers
Minnie mouse! She is sitting on his baby dolls potty seat
She is always finding something to play peek a boo!
Lily loves her babies, and her rocking chair
Lily had a couple of weeks when she wanted all of these babies in her bad at nap & bed time. She also wanted them all out of her bed after she woke up. She would account for each one and panic when we for got one...this about drove me crazy keeping track of them all, all the time so she would be quiet about it and go to sleep! I'm so glad this phase didn't last long.
Lily LOVES to read a book...constantly.

Turning 2 in the Cramer house comes with balloons, cake, ice cream, presents and potty training! She is doing really well, much easier and less messy than potty training the boys! She loves her pretty panties and M&M rewards. While I was in the process of taking care of her potty seat, she found these boots and ran away without her pants, silly kid.

Ethan after Piano festival. He memorized his songs and played for a judge, he was awesome (but didn't want me to take his pic)!
Ethan's newest trick. I have a pic of me doing this same thing when I was his age so I had to get the camera.
Lily and her daddy went out on their first date together to get a cookie.
She was SO exited to ride in Daddy's truck!
Lily got a pretty pink vacuum from my mom and step dad for her b-day
We had a little party with Brad's parents and Grandma, and my step Brother Darrick and his family. Jane is helping Lily work her vacuum
Lily loves Minnie Mouse so I made her a Minnie Mouse cake.
She liked blowing out the candles and quickly blew them out the first time before I turned on the camera or sang the b-day song so she got to do it twice.
We took a trip to UT for Bra's Grandpa Bob's 80th b-day. We stayed the night at Brad's sister Stephanie's apt. The kids had a lot of fun playing on the toys.

The car ride home was TERRIBLE! Our DVD player broke and they were bored and going crazy on us!