Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Michelle's family reunion

The first night of our trip we stayed the night in Boise ID with Brad's sister Stephanie. These pics are a little out of order, the pics with Steph are below. Then we stayed one night at my mom's house in Kennewick WA. We played on the rope swing and then went out to dinner with my brother Scott and my Grandma/pa Kauer, my mom/stepdad, my sister Jeni's family & my sister Bethany's family. Below is Lily, Eveline (Bethany's oldest) & Shyla (Jeni's oldest) having ice cream. Yeah girl cousins!

 The next day Brad took the boys to a Mariners game and I took the girls to camp to meet everyone else. Look at all those cousins!!! We had 13 kids under 8 & one on the way (Congrats Jared & Nikki!) It was so much fun to be with all of my sibling & see how their families have grown. I loved watching my kids play with their cousins too. We had both my parents & step parents & my mom's parents & my dad's parents with us for the week too. We rented cabins at Zions camp on the Kitsap peninsula, 1 hr from Seattle
 Dad & Mira
 We planned activities everyday for the kids. I love this pic of my grandpas playing bubbles with their great-grand kids. I just love those two old guys
 Grandma/pa Gale & Mira
 Mom & Mira sitting on the beach
Dad singing songs with the kids during skit night

 Crafts! My cousin's little girl Madison came with my grandparents to spend the week with us too, she's helping Lily make a necklace
 Dad & Lily doing tin can stilts

 My step dad took the boys fishing & they each caught something!
 Grandma/pa Gale & our rowdy group
 Grandma/pa Kauer & all of us
 This is all of the kids, Alice 1, Mira 6mo, Rachel 2, Allie 4, Lily 3, Eveline 4, Shyla 4, Rebbeca 1, Eddie 6, Issac 2, Ethan 8, Benjamin 4, David 4
 My siblings oldest to youngest Jeni (WA), Wendy (CT), me (ID), Jared (AR)& Bethany (TN) Since we all live in different states we only get together every 2 yr. They are worth the wait, I love those crazy kids
 Our busy little girls
 Lily & Rachel were buddies
 There were a lot of things to play on, Ethan is swinging in a barrel
 Lily, Dad & Rachel
 Dad making balloons for all the kids
 My dad getting more attention than he know what to do with.

 Most of the group
 Playing in the lake
 Gramdma Kauer & Mira
 Ethan flying off the slide
 Ethan went nonstop in the water
 Ethan our fish
 Eveline & Lily
 Lily was content to stay close to shore
 Wendy & Mira
 Almost everybody

 Eddie pumping the bottle rocket
 Brad enjoying his time to read!
 Sterling helping Eddie w/archery, Ethan behind them shooting, they loved this

 My dad taught me how to shoot, it was fun! Thanks dad!
 The boys being creative w/sticks & dirt. Eddie, Benjamin, David
 After a week of camping we went back to my moms & spent a day before driving back to ID. Lily & Issac enjoying ice cream & watching grandma's cow

 Mira can sit up now! Yeah, big girl!
 Mira likes the johnny jump up, but not for long
 If I cut a little bit of watermelon she likes to chew on it, since she still doesn't have teeth she can't get anything off it, but it makes her really happy & messy.
 Mira after her bath
 Grandpa/ma Gale & Aunt Gloria came to visit from WA. They stayed Friday night, Saturday I headed out Sunday, it was a nice visit. In this pic Grandpa has read several stories. Grandma & I were both hoping they'd fall asleep after, they got pretty close to that
 Mira loves things that are not her toys more that her toys. She loves my phone cord, don't worry I don't leave her unattended with it.
 Aunt Stephanie made Angry bird cupcakes for Eddie's b-day when we stopped there for the night on our way to WA, they were so yummy & cute!
 Mira finally rolled over, 2 days before she turned 6 months. I was wondering if she was going to skip this trick, but she is really quick now
 Aunt Stephanie & Lil' making breakfast for everyone, it was delicious
 Lily is playing with Stephanie's new kitten, she thought the kitten batting the string & hiding behind the couch was hilarious!
 We took this pic before we left, everyone is wearing tie dye, even aunt Stephanie, thanks for letting us stay!
 Mira enjoying her 1st biter biscuit, yummy but messy!

I bought her this ball for the ride, she loved biting the strings with her gums and pulling it until is snapped. Over & over, silly girl

 Playing on the toys at my mom's house
 Eddie on the rope swing at my mom's
 & Ethan, they loved this
 Mira's first word, Mama!