Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas day fun!

Ethan and his preschool friends. They preformed the nativity play for a nursing home and later for their parents. Ethan was the the Shepard this year. I don't know why I don't have a picture of them in their outfits, probably because I was busy setting up, getting them dressed and narrating the play! (: I know Brad took a video when he watched it. Oh, well. Overall, I think it went well. We received donations from friends and family at their play which they used to each buy a toy for toys for tots. It was lot easier for Ethan to donate the toy this year having done this same thing last year. I think he understood a lot more this year why we were giving the toys away and was happy to do it.

Christmas this year was a lot of fun. The boys loved their gifts, we stayed home in our PJs all day and just enjoyed being together. Jared Nikki and Allie came and we had dinner together. It was a really great day.

Mailing letters to Santa. Thank goodness they received a letter back stamped w/a "nice"check mark stamped on the front. (:

Ethan on Santa's lap, he acted really shy which is unusual for Ethan who is never shy.
Eddie sitting on Santa's lap, I don't think Eddie has ever been afraid of Santa. Even when he was little and afraid of family he didn't see very often. Silly kid. (:
Ethan with his shark attack shark

Eddie playing w/some of his presents
Ethan finding some fun things in his stocking
Eddie found gum in his stocking, he LOVES gum and most of it was gone that day.
Ethan unwrapping
Eddie unwrapping
Grandma Terri made the boys an awesome dino tepee and sleeping mats to go inside. The boys spent most of the day and all of the night in them. Thanks Grandma it is really amazing!

Peek a boo!

After everything had been opened it looked like a wrapping paper tornado had blown through the living room! There is a full pic of the Tepee in the back ground.

Grandma Carren made us all matching hats, thanks grandma!

The spent the night in their tent Christmas night, I thought they would never fall asleep in there!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

This year has been a great one! A few highlights were our trip to WA in August to spend time w/all of my family and my new nieces and nephews. Our trip to McCall for T-day. Ethan learned to read this year, were are so proud of him! Eddie finished potty training this year! Double yeah! We found out we were expecting a baby girl in March and are really excited, especially that the pregnancy has gone so well. We have had safety and good health most of the year, (except Brad's bike crash and having my gall bladder removed).
Overall we have been and continue to be so blessed.
We think of you often and hope you are all doing well!

We had a 3D ultra sound on the 22nd, we were really excited because we didn't get to do this w/our boys. We had seen advertisement pictures and they were amazing, but we still didn't know exactly what to expect. It was pretty neat but of course not as amazing as the advertised pictures. They told me to eat a big meal 1 hour before and drink OJ 1/2 hour before so she would be wide awake. I did this, (which was MUCH better than drinking a quart of water the hour before like I had to for my 20 wk ultra sounds) but still, she seemed to sleep away in there. She hardly moved except her mouth and her hands a little bit. It still was neat to see her and watch her small movements, but I wish some of the pictures were a little less distorted.

She looks so squished in there!

This was my favorite picture, it looks like she has a cute little nose!

She opened and closed her mouth a few times, this is a video of her doing that. It looks like she is tasting something.

The camera distorted images as they moved the machine and as she moved. This clip shows how the same shot makes her look so different as she shifts her position. The person doing the ultra sound said the best shots are taken when there is a lot of fluid in the area, like in front of her face.

She rubbed her eye a lot, this is a little clip of her doing that.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

November adventures

We took a trip to Salt Lake to see Aunt Stephanie get married. Above is a pic of the boys waiting to see her w/Uncle Jason

Aunt Stephanie giving boys the boys a big hug, she was beautiful!

Ethan doesn't take naps anymore but he was so worn out and board he did. Unfortunately while sleeping in his clothes for the reception his gum fell out and stuck to his new white shirt. Oh well. (:

There was a ton of traffic in Salt Lake, everyone was tired and worn out. Even Aunt Candace, Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Jason took naps.

Our 2 handsome boys at the reception, it took several tries to get them to look at the same time, with their eyes open

Eddie attached himself to grandma that weekend. They look great.

Ethan Keira and Eddie helping w/Aunt Stephie's dress

Swimming was the boys favorite part of our trip aside from meeting Teresa (one of my best friends from high school) and her kids at an indoor play land. I can't remember the name but it was a lot like Chuck e cheeses with rides and fun stuff to wear the kids out.

We took a trip to McCall and spent T-day w/Jeni, Jeremy and Shyla at a time share. It was a lot of fun and very relaxing. We took the boys swimming almost everyday at the gym. Brad played racket ball, ping pong and snorkeled in the pool w/Ethan. Above is a pic of us making candy houses, yum.
Ethan worked really hard on his house

Eddie is really concentrating on his house. Most of the candy didn't make it that far

Getting a little practice for his sister in a few months

The boys LOVED Shyla, her toys and especially watching her blow raspberries

We slept upstairs in a loft, it was really high and made me a little nervous sometimes but thankfully nobody slipped or fell. The boys thought it was really fun.
Eddie showing Ethan a little brotherly love
Even though it was not wanted
There were 3 foxes that would come around at night looking for meat and eggs. The boys were so excited the first night when one came and sat out side of the sliding glass door and waited there until we opened the door with something to feed it. They were beautiful!

Ethan thought since the fox was so close it would be ok to touch it! But mom panicked.

We had a movie night our last night in McCall and watched Wall-e, the boys loved it.

We bought a tree from a tree lot for the first time this year, usually we cut one down. The boys have decorated and decorated it many times in the last couple of days. Thank goodness for non-breakable ornaments!

Before the snow came Ethan spent most of the summer and fall finding bugs. This was the last grasshopper he found. Ruby. He wanted to keep it in a jar in his room, but after have lost several grasshoppers in his room already mom said this one had to stay outside. but he wanted a picture of it.
The boys working to clean up the leaves

Helping mom rake leaves

Making and eating Halloween cookies is always a treat

For Preschool we went to the pumpkin patch. They got to ride the train, run through the corn maze, pick a pumpkin and eat a cookie. The boys LOVED it!

Ethan in the train with his friends

Eddie was SO excited for the train

Ethan in the corn maze

Eddie running through the corn maze

Eddie, Ethan and some of Ethan's preschool friends and their siblings

Ethan picking his pumpkin

Eddie riding in the pumpkin wagon

Grandpa Greg came over bringing treats, and read them a few stories before bed. They love spending time with their grandpas and grandmas.

I tried to get a pic of Eddie in his costume but he ran an hid under the table, he thought he was so clever.
Surprise! Got you!

Here is Eddie making his not so sneaky escape
Here is a good pic of Eddie's full Dragon costume. He kept saying,"This is SO Cool mom!" and "The tail is so pretty!"

Eddie cleaned a little of his pumpkin out, mom got to do the rest.

This was the first year Ethan would stick his hand in the pumpkin and clean it out by himself! Yeah Ethan!

Eddie wanted a sad/scary pumpkin

Ethan wanted a vampire pumpkin, thanks dad for your help. Look at those sharp teeth!

Ethan turned 5 Oct 28th, sometimes I can't believe he is that old already. He was so proud of himself for being able to blow up balloons for the first time.

We had a b-day party for Ethan on Halloween morning. I think they all had a great time playing the games, playing w/Ethan's gifts and eating candy from their goodie bags.
This is a pic of Ethan opening his gifts from his friends.
Ethan was a vampire for Halloween. This was the first time we have ever done face paints and hair color. He was SO excited about it. I have a great picture of him but will have to post it next blog because I cannot get it to attach right now.

We babysat Allie for a couple of hours and the boys loved it! I think poor Allie was a little overwhelmed but enjoyed watching them run around and try to entertain her.