Monday, May 28, 2012

Spring at the Cramers

Some of the pics got a little out of order, sorry!

Lily has been into everything, I know this is what 2yr olds do. Some days I smile and take a picture, other times I don't do either.  When we get home she likes to "drive the van" while I carry in groceries, it keeps her busy and gives me a few minutes. On this day (pictured below) we had just gotten home and I let her drive while I was pulling the trash cans from the side of the road up to the house.  In that few minutes she found a bottle of hand sanitizer and squeezed the entire bottle in her hair. When I found  I asked what she was doing she said, "fixin' my hair pretty."  No she is not wearing pants because she peed in them. She only needs a few minutes alone, she's a fast one.

 One of the high schools in our city has a course where the high school students put together a preschool curriculum and teach it everyday for an hour for 5 weeks. Eddie loves it comes home with a cute craft, and talks and talks all about the games, stories and of course snack he had that day. They brought bunnies in class one day and this was the craft he made. The last day was his favorite because the lesson was on fish, and because he got to bring home a "Real life fish!"
 We have been making some changes in the backyard. Brad borrowed his dad's tractor to haul in some dirt for a garden. All the kids love Grandpa's tractor.
 Silly Lily, that's for your babies!
 We decided to put Eddie on the top bunk! The bunk bed is an unusual size, we were suppose to buy a special mattress to fit it but didn't. Instead we put his regular single bed in it and it is too small. The first few nights I found him on the wood instead of his mattress, he didn't seem to mind.

Lil likes to say,"wook at me mom!" whenever she's doing something she thinks is cool. It makes us smile.

 Lily has learned to pull her self up onto the swing and then she tries to pump her legs like the boys do. She usually doesn't go anywhere, but it makes me laugh to see her out the window like this trying so hard to make her swing move.
 She always says, "Super high mom!" when I go out to give her a push
 I put her dress on for church and she decided she wanted her purse, hat, backpack and last the sweater over the top of her pack pack. I thought she looked cute and chuckled a little to myself and she got mad! "Not funny mom!" She did not want her picture taken either.
 Lily loves putting all her shoes in her grocery cart and pushing them around. I hope this isn't a glimpse into the future or we are in trouble!
 I put Lily's hair in two tiny braids for church, she hates her hair touched, but they looked so cute when they were done
 Ethan fishing
 Lily sharing her water with Great Grandma Laura
 Lily was also feeding Grandma ice
 On the way home from the egg hunt she had some chocolate, it was everywhere!
Our neighbor Keiser invited the boys to his b-day party. Kiser's grandma has horses and the boys got to ride them, they loved it!

 The Easter bunny brought the boys a fishing pole and net, they were so excited to try them out

 Lily got a pink "pack pack, just like Eddie's!" (except Eddie's isn't pink.)
 Lily has discovered pockets, and loves them!
 Eddie trying to catch a fish
 Lily and her best friend Allie sharing a drink from the hose
 Coloring eggs with Lily goes really fast. She drops them in and wants them right back out.
 The boys were more creative with their eggs and got really upset the next day when I told them we were making them into deviled eggs
 Great Grandpa and Grandma Gale and my Aunt Gloria came for a visit from WA. I think Grandpa read a lot of books that day.
 Aunt Gloria and Eddie enjoying a story together
 Eddie hiding in the couch cushions
 The assisted living center Great Grandma Laura lives at put together an egg hunt. The kids all got a ton of eggs and had a lot of fun!
 I left the kids helping dad in the garden and this is what I found when I got back. Dirty happy kids.

 Brad had a conference in Post Falls and we decided to come along and visit my dad for a couple of days while Brad was busy in his conference. We stopped at this great candy store in MT it was actually the world's best candy store! They made everything! It was amazing!
Brad trying to decide what to get
 We each picked a special treat and had free samples too. Yum!

 The hotel we stayed at had these cute bunnies decorating the foyer for Easter. Lily loved to hug them. My dad and my sister Jeni and her kids came to our hotel and swam with us. We had a lot of fun. After the conference we spent a day at my dad's house and headed home. It is a 9 hr drive home, all kids got sick so it was a REALLY long ride home for everyone.
 Eddie after the egg hunt, "CANDY, LOTS OF CANDY!"
 Lily noticed her friend Allie has pretty fingers, Aille's big sister paints them. So we had some girl time and fixed our fingers and toes. She LOVED it and showed everyone her pretties. This pic also shows off the horrible bang cut I gave her. I asked Brad to keep her hands busy and away from the scissors so they played the incy wincy spider. Little did I know this also encourages her to bounce as she sings which makes it very difficult to cut a straight line. They just kept getting shorter as I tried to fix the mess ups. I was so embarrassed. I'm so glad they have grown back to a longer length.