Monday, March 4, 2013

Mira is 2 months

I got some more pics of Mira's blessing from Sharon (my step sister in law who made the dress) after my last post so I wanted to share them

 Lily is taking less & less naps, this is what I found one quiet afternoon when I thought she was sleeping! She is so silly she makes me laugh
 Ethan participated in his 1st pinewood derby, he was so excited the night before the race he had a hard time going to sleep! He did great!
 I love taking pics of Mira, especially when she's wide awake & wearing something cute
 My step mom Carren made this coat hat & mittens!
 Mira is smiling now, even her sleep!
 Lily took a nap this day & woke up SUPER happy
 When Mira was born her Dr recommended that we keep her home for 2 months. Honestly we did really well! I skipped church, meetings, exercise group and avoided having the kids friends over as much as possible. However, I still let my kids go everywhere and what they caught out & about they brought home to share & poor Mira ended up with a cold her little body couldn't handle. Her nose was too stuffed up for her to eat & breath. I used the bulb syringe to clean her nose as much as I could but it wasn't enough. She didn't want to eat & her breathing became labored. When I finally got in to the Drs office he sent us straight to the hospital. Thankfully she didn't need an IV right away, the dr said we could avoid one if we could clean out her nose, give her some oxygen & get her eating, which is what happened. They had a tube they would stick in her nose & down the back of her throat to suck out buggers, most of the time it came back out with blood on it too. I had to hold her down while they did this. It was heart breaking. She would scream & little tears would roll down her cheeks. Every couple of hours all day & night the nurse would come in, I dreaded it. Some were kind & tried to be gentle, other did not. I am grateful for them and helping her get better but it was a horrible & sad experience. I'm thankful this only lasted a week. As I sat there day after day I thought a lot about parents who have children with more serious illnesses and spend much more time in the hospitals. I thanked my Heavenly Father that I got to go home in one week, with a healthy baby.
 Her oxygen tube would pull her little cheeks when she'd turn her face. I took this pic on Valentines Day
 We checked in Tuesday at 11:30 am and checked out Monday at 8:30 pm. I sat in that brown chair all week, staring at that panda.
Brad came  to visit at least once a day so I could take a shower & have someone to talk to about home. I don't think I have ever been so tired in all my life, or so emotional! I felt like the meanest mom ever letting everyone "pick on her" but I knew this was the only way to get her home & healthy. Besides suctioning her nose they did chest & back percussions CBT(I think this is right?) She didn't mind this so I tried to do this myself as much as I could to continue to loosen the mucus from her lungs. Below is a video of what that was like.

When we finally got home we were so happy to see Ethan, Eddie & Lily & they were happy to see us too!
 Thankfully my mom & step dad came to help. My mom tried to find things to keep Lily happy & busy. This is them frosting cookies, PINK cookies! My mom & Brad worked so hard to clean everything in the house before we got home. It was so nice not to worry about that after I got home, I was so tired. Thanks mom & Brad for everything

 Since Lily catches every sick bug available & is excellent about sharing with her sister she is staying home with Mira & me until the Dr says it is safe to come out. I have been trying to keep her busy.
 Ethan at his 1st Blue & Gold Banquet for scouts. It was a medieval  theme. He worked so hard on his costume & was SO excited!
 Playing hide & seek with Lily...peek a boo!
 Lily keeping busy again while she was suppose to be napping...& so please with herself too.
 My friend Jessica made this cute hat for Mira. I love this pic, she looks like she's thinking, "Mom, what did you put on my head?"
Since coming home from the hospital, Mira spends most of her naps in this wrap I made. I think I held her constantly while we were at the hospital and now she doesn't like to sleep anywhere but in my arms (except at night). Since I have 3 other little people to take care of this wrap has been so helpful allowing me to use my hands
 Looking sleepy in her jammies before bed

Brad's sister Candace made these cute hats for the girls. One bear is growling one is hibernating.
As I'm finishing this blog I've realized I don't have any pics of my poor middle child Eddie. He says he is the best binky holder in the house. Mira loves her binky but can't keep it in by her self so he outs one finger on the end of her binky & holds it in for her. He love his baby sister & loves to hold her and make her smile, they all do. 
 Mira, just sitting back watching the wildness of her siblings with this serious expression. She is a sweet cuddly girl, truly a blessing in our home
Yes that is 2 full rolls or tp in the in the toilet. Yes, she was suppose to be napping. Was there anything under the pile of tp? No. that part was on the floor. This all I'm going to say about that situation.