Thursday, December 30, 2010

From pumpkins to Christmas trees

A lot has happened since I updated my blog!
Peek a boo!
Ethan's b-day is Oct 28th, so we celebrated it the following weekend which was Halloween weekend. He had a Star Wars party w/his friends. They all brought their light sabers and fought Darth Vader for the cup cakes. I don't know if Brad really thought this idea through all the way Darth Vader was no match for 7 screaming Jedi. Once Darth Vader was defeated and everyone stopped attacking, Brayden (on the left w/the blue light saber) shouted, "Wait! He's still breathing!" Poor Brad was about beat to death.

One of the guys Brad works w/said he would take Ethan for a ride in his Corvette for Ethan's b-day. Ethan loves cars about as much as he loves Star Wars, so he was VERY excited!
Eddie at his preschool costume parade, he's the pirate 3rd from the right
Everyone was excited when we dusted off the walker and brought it up from the basement!

Ethan on his 1st day of kindergarten.Ethan has lost 2 teeth. The dentist pulled the 1st, and much to my surprise and joy his teacher pulled the 2nd.
Brad and Eddie were playing hind and seek. I bet you'll never find that clever little guy in this photo!
Brad's mom brought over her costume box, the kids had a lot of fun finding things to wear

Happy Halloween!
Pumpkin patch

Mommy's little pumpkin
Ethan wanted a cat pumpkin
Eddie wanted a happy pumpkin w/ 13 teeth!
Lily found her tongue

For Ethan's b-day we bought him tickets to go see the Play Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. He LOVED it! This is after the play with Mr. Wonka.
Eddie played Bulldozer on the carpet w/his head at nursery. It has been several weeks and that spot still hasn't completely gone away
One night after dinner we were some having some leftover pineapple sorbet from Ethan's b-day and I decided to make mine into a snowman w/some chocolate chips. The boys thought that was so funny. However, chocolate and pineapple aren't a very tasty mix
Ethan had made this snowman all by himself!

Brad's sister Steph and her husband Dan came to visit. Aunt Steph gave her some cute hair doos
Decorating the tree

This pic makes me laugh. I let her taste a little bit of candy cane, she really liked it. She is "talking" very loudly in this pic. I wish I knew what she was thinking, maybe, "I love this tasty thing!"
Master Lily found this light saber unattended
Hot chocolate after playing in the snow makes us happy and giggly
Ethan and his candy house. I think Eddie only had one piece of candy on his house, and then he got down and ran away.
My sister Jeni ( baby Isaac to be), my niece Shyla, my mom and step-dad came for the weekend from WA. I loved spending time w/them! We had a lot of fun.
My mom made these quilts for the boys for x-mas. They are really awesome, the boys LOVED them. Thanks mom, you're amazing!
The boys wanted Lily to have a light saber fight w/them
Ethan likes to pick Lily up and spin her around, Lily loves it. It stresses me out a bit.
We were asked to babysit Ethan's kindergarten class pets Bianca & Clarisse for the x-mas break. As you can see someone was very happy about this.
Happy, busy, happy, busy
Silly brothers make her Super happy!Going, going, going

I don't even know what to say about this other than I'm glad he knows how to dress himself.
Happy Lily at Brad's parents x-mas party. Her pig tails were a lot perkier that morning.
We took the kids to see the live Nativity. After they wanted their pic w/the wise man and his llama named Chewbacca.
Christmas Eve!
Santa brought the boys Jedi robes. Ethan has hardly taken his off since x-mas morning. Santa's elfs stayed up until 4:45am to get them done before grandma elf had to go back to WA the next morning. Thanks Sharon, mom and Jeni for your help they were the highlight of Christmas!
Lily pushing the toast into the toaster on the little kitchen set my mom bought her. She loved it! Thanks mom and Dick!
Brad's parents bought the kids these church outfits for Christmas. After church we stopped by their house so they could see the the kids in them. Thanks Greg and Diane, so cute!

Hope you all have a happy New Year!

This video is of Lily doing what we call her dolphin kicks, she does this all the time and it makes us laugh.