Friday, July 20, 2012

More summer pics 2012

My friend Julie invited us to go with her and her kids and another family to go play at Rigby Lake. My friend Rachael brought her boat and the boys LOVED it! Ethan and his friends rowing the boat.
 Lily isn't a big fan of the water, which is fine by me since she has tubes in her ears. She does love dirt and saw a girl burying herself in the sand and wanted to try it out.
 After our friend went home Brad joined us at the Lake and we had dinner and played some more. What a fun day!
 Brad's family reunion this year was at a cabin in Palisades. It was beautiful and SO organized with everything from cribs and high chairs to movies and ping pong! We went white water rafting which was a lot of fun! I went down the first run while Brad's parents watched the kids and then we switched.

We spent a couple of days at the cabin and then left the kids with Brad's family for one night so Brad could be rested for his Triathlon the next morning. It was so nice to watch the race without chasing kids! Thanks to everyone who helped while we were gone!
 Brad did really well! Below is a pic of him on the bike.
 This was Brad's 5th Triathlon, of those it was his 2nd Olympic distance race. Yeah Brad I'm so proud of you! I had 2 of my best friends who also competed and 3-4 other people I knew. It was fun to cheer them all on!
 After the race we went back to the cabin.
 This is a pic of our 3 sleepy kids who came to wake us up. One morning at camp I walked outside the cabin and almost stepped on a little lizard! Yikes! The boys of course caught him with the help of Brad's cousin (who decided to keep him). That night Ethan asked if I would wake him up early so he could catch more lizards. I said, "absolutely not." After getting Lily to sleep I left the room and my phone accidently and Ethan set the alarm on my phone to wake himself up for 6! That next morning at 6 when 2 very excited boys came into our room at 6, we were not very happy campers.
 Lily found several caterpillars at the cabin. She loved this little yellow "callipillar" and carried it around for about an hour until she dropped him in the tall grass and we couldn't find him. He was probably so glad he survived the hands of a 2yr old!
 Lily is giving her "callipillar" a ride!
 Swimming in the lake!
 Lily has a fascination with shoes and sunglasses.
 The boys loved swimming, it was such a HOT day!
 Lily getting a little wet, that's about as far as she went but she was proud of herself.
 Except with Dad's help.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer fun 2012

This silly pic is to show you that Lily chipped her front tooth. She missed the curb and broke 2 pieces off her right front tooth. It looked worse after it happened but we took her in and had it ground down so it was smoother. Poor kid. This happened the day before we got family pics taken. She didn't want to smile for the photographer anyway.
Lily was "helping" me make pizza dough
Flour, yum?
I found Ethan in our fire pit while playing hide & seek. Silly kid, I see you!
Playing hide & seek behind our old pool, I see you too
Making a mess at grandmas
Playing dress-up with Aunt Steph
Lily meeting her cousin Olivia who was visiting from TX, "Hi baby livia"
Cookies & cream milkshake, yum
Messy faces are embarrassing when you know you've got one! "No mom don't take my picture!"
"Ok, Cheese!"
Ethan fishing with his new pole
Eddie trying to be patient!
Lily throwing pebbles, waiting for the boys to be done fishing
We haven't had any luck fishing in ID, yet.
Eddie playing t-ball, he loves it!
Ethan playing machine pitch, he has been on the same team for the last 2 years. They have come a long way since last year!
Eddie turned 5 in June, he wanted a scooter again this year. The one he received last was taken to school by his big brother, forgotten & then stolen. He also wanted doughnuts instead of cake. It was a lot easier & less stress for me!
Opening his gift from Jane, Max, Charlie and Aunt Sharon. Thanks for celebrating with us!
Silly Lily
Ethan caught his first fish in WA when we went to spend the week with my family. He actually didn't know he had this Big ol' fish on the line. But of course we kept it. Ethan had to check on it in the fridge several times that day. He was so proud!
Ethan also caught a lot of frogs on our trip, but we did NOT keep any of those.
Each day of the 4 days we spent with my mom/step-dad & Grandparents we tried had planned a fun activity. The first day my mom had a scavenger hunt that ended with a pinata! We also had Jelly bean fun day where they got a jelly bean for every activity they preformed. Another day we played sports. We Camped with my mom for 4 days at Williams Lake near Spokane. We picked this spot because it is close to the place my grandparents park their motor-home every summer at Chapman Lake, and it is not far from where my dad lives. (Less overall driving, when the ride is long enough just getting there!)
Ethan winding up for a big hit
They all got a pair of sun glasses from the pinata, what a cute group!
Making ice cream with Great-Grandma Kauer
Eddie & dad caught fish the next day at Chapman Lake
Several times a day the boys asked if we could rent a paddle boat. We finally did and it was a lot of fun
Shyla & Lil' playing on the beach
Having a snack in the best seat at camp
Eddie with Grandpa Eddie
My 3 happy fishermen after a good day of catching fish!
We caught about 15 fish that day with Great Grandma Kauer. She's the best fisherman I know, besides grandpa. She's a great teacher too. It was an awesome day!
The next day we headed to Spokane for my step-sister Sunny's wedding and reception. Brad & I were able to sneak away between the events, with the help of Jeni watching our kids (thank you!) and had a Cinnabon!!! I haven't had one of those in about 7 yrs! It was amazing! The next day we went to Silverwood with my dad. We played all day and had lots of fun!
Lily & Issac (my nephew who is a yr younger but similar in size to Lily) had to take a nap 1/2 way through the day, everyone commented on what cute blond twins Jeni had as she sat and watched them while I went with the other kids, thanks Jeni!
My dad & Eddie on the train roller coaster, whee!
Lil' & Dad ready to ride the bumper boats, she loved it!
Ethan loved them too!
Shyla and Eddie riding the helicopters! We had such a fun day!
On our last day at Grandpas house my niece bopped Lily over the head with a broom and we had a make a trip to urgent care. It bled a lot! It was borderline stitches and we decided if they thought it would be ok without them we would go that route. She is a tough little kid.
I gave Lily her first real hair cut, (other than her bangs). This pic looks like I missed a few strands but really I was happy it turned out as well as it did. Her bang cut was SO much better than last time too thank goodness! I hope we are just as lucky every time! I owe it to cartoons, thank you Caillou!
We went to the zoo with Grandma Diane and Diane's brother Brent and his two kids.
My 3 little chickens in the nest at the zoo
At the 4th of July parade with Aunt Candace & Uncle Matthew. After the parade we had a BBQ at Greg & Diane's and the kids played in the pool.
After the BBQ we let the kids take turns picking what fireworks we should light
Watching dad light the snakes
Daine made Lil's dress and the boys shorts for the 4th, they looked so cute. Thanks Grandma!
Below are some pics of the kids & their sparklers

We got this bike from my dad the weekend we visited him. In the couple of weeks since then Lily has learned to pedal it on her own! It took my boys forever to figure this out, I was surprised she learned so quickly, and all by her self.
Waiting for the fireworks to start. Eddie saw the first firework and slept through the rest, but Lily & Ethan saw them all.
We had a fun 4th of July, the kids were all asleep by the time we drove home.