Monday, June 11, 2012


In April Brad had a planning conference in LA, and we thought it would be fun to go together since April is my b-day and our anniversary month. Brad's mom watched the kids for us, thank you again Diane! We flew in on different flights because the city paid for his ticket. My flight was really rough! it was raining and windy and there was a huge flash of lightning right out side of my window! As we landed, (thank goodness) the palm trees were blowing like crazy and the rain was coming down in sheets and I thought, Brad and I are not going to get to watch the Dodgers tonight, but we did. The rain stopped but it was still really cold. I thought CA was suppose to be warm so I only brought a sweater. I bought gloves and a scarf at our hotel and put on several layers and away we went!
The Dodgers won! This was my first pro game so I was glad they won.
We bought some Dodger dogs and hot chocolate and went to the gift shop. The rest of the time we just tried not to freeze. After the game there were fireworks on the field. We watched for a bit but our toes and fingers were numb so we decided we were ready to go sit in the bus.

The next 2 days while Brad was at his conference I went on a few tours the conference sets up for family members like me who come along with their planner and don't want to wander LA alone. I met 3 nice ladies, from FL, PA, MA. They took my picture at a few of the places we stopped. I felt a little awkward just standing in photos alone... but that's what I did. Usually I'm always the one behind the camera. This is the Disney Concert Hall, we didn't get to go inside, but Brad got to go to a concert there the day after I left. The conference was a week long but I only stayed 3 of the days.
This is in Hollywood. We are in the building that they do the red carpet. It was a lot different than I thought it would be. The stairs where the red carpet goes is surrounded by run down buildings, you walk in the building, up the stairs to a small theater and the rest of the building is like a mall, with outdoor and indoor shops.  

This is a pic of the Hollywood sign, it is actually what is right behind the pic of me on the couch
We went to the see the hand prints and some of the stars on the sidewalk.
These are the hand prints of Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart from the Twilight movies, next to it is the cast from Harry Potter and below is Michael Jackson. I took a few more but I couldn't tell who was who when I was uploading them onto this blog.
I took this pics for my kids, I thought they would think it was funny to see mom with Shreck
We also went to Rodeo Drive. I took a lot of pics of cool cars for the boys. This car is worth 1 million dollars. I can't remember the name of the man who owns it. But he owns the store it is parked in front of. You are not allowed in the store without an appointment.
We Went to the Hollyhock House. It was the home of Aline Barnsdall. It was beautiful, originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It was interesting to listen to the stories about the millionaire that lived there  in 1919-1921. They are trying to restore the home to exactly way it was. The stain glass windows behind me were so pretty.  
The living room at the Hollyhock House was my favorite
We also went to the Getty. It is a HUGE art museum! We spent too long at the Hollyhock house and only had an hour to run around and see as much as we could. I was kind of sad about that. We could have spent an entire day there and probably still wouldn't have not have been able to seen everything!
In each building was a different kind of art. Paining, sculptures, vases, even furniture. I only had time to make it through some of the paintings
This was a pic of the gardens at the Getty taken from the balcony of one of the buildings. Way out in the background you can see the ocean
This was my favorite painting
One night Brad and I road the bus to the Sana Monica Pier.

Brad walked in the water for a few minutes, I walked in the water for a few seconds...I was so cold! The beach was so beautiful
The Pier from the beach
They had 30 pianos placed outside all over LA. Brad sat down and played, "To make you feel my love." As he started to play a guy asked if I was going to sing and I said, "no way." He said "I don't know all the words but I'll sing." As this was going on a good sized crowd was beginning to gather. The man had a beautiful voice, too bad he only knew the first verse. I think Brad really enjoyed playing on the Pier.
We took a ride on this huge Ferris wheel
A picture at the top! Yikes it was so high! Brad and I had a great trip! Happy 9th Anniversary!