Monday, January 7, 2013

Baby Mira & Christmas

We spent Christmas Eve with Brad's family. Eddie made Grandma a colorful plate at preschool

 Allie rocking her baby while Lily fixes her hair.
 Ethan made this cool suit out of paper bags. He is such a creative kid.
 Christmas Eve, Ethan made Grandma a craft at school too
 Lily got a princess dress up box from Greg & Diane, she loves it!
 Christmas jammies! We let them each pick a pose for pics by the tree, they had a lot of fun being silly. Christmas day was so nice and calm this year. No fighting or teasing, just a relaxing and fun day.
 Brad made this kitchen set for Lily out of an old entertainment center, she was so excited!
 Eddie got a spiral graph
 Lily taking a "nap" with her new Cinderelly barbie, pillow and blanket
 The boys got a Wii for Christmas, Ethan spent most of the day in the basement playing it
 My mom & step dad were in town staying with my step brothers family for Christmas, they took the kids sledding. Lily didn't want to use the sled, she just wanted to slide on her bum
 Lily, Jane and Eddie sledding down the hill
 Dec 27th my Dr said it was time to be induced. My due date was the 29th, but she said the longer we wait things out with the 2 vessel cord the more likely there could be risks. We set a time for the next day. Mira Rose arrived at 8:29 pm, 6 lbs 10 oz, 19 inches long. A GIRL!!! Healthy, beautiful, perfect. It was so exciting waiting to see if our baby was  going to be a boy or a girl, an amazing moment. Her name is Albanian, it means the good one.
 Right after she was born, with Dr. Margaret Huggins
 Our pretty little girl
 Happy dad, he said he knew it was going to be a little girl
She arrived after bedtime, so the kids came to see her the next morning. We didn't tell them it was a girl until they got to the hospital
 She is such a good baby, a great eater and sleeper, just overall a content little girl
 My mom was able to be there for Mira's birth which was a special experience. She got to stay for the week and help us adjust to having our new baby home. Thanks for everything, we loved having you!
 Big yawn.  Mira in her car seat ready for her ride home from the hospital
 Our welcome home sign
 Daddy & his girls
 Me & the girls. I was so happy that Lily got her sister
 Brad helped the boys make a snow cave in the backyard
 Inside the snow cave
 Dan & Stephanie (Brad's sister & brother in-law) & Brad too the kids roller skating
 Eddie rollerblading
 Lily & her tiny skates
 Mira has a little jaundice so we have tried to keep her in the sun as much as we can
 Her eyes aren't open very often, but when they are they are beautiful
 Sleepy girl
 Lily taking care of her baby
 Lily and her friends Arianne & Allie making food  in the kitchen. My mom made these cute aprons.
 Lily reading stories to her baby
 Pretty Mira

 We had her blessed on Saturday before my mom headed back to WA and Brad's brother Jason flew back to TX. Sharon made this beautiful dress for Mira. She took lots of pics for us, so you will probably see some more pics later. Thank you Sharon, the dress looked amazing! Brad gave her a beautiful blessing, I was so glad she slept through it so she wasn't fussy