Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Almost 4 months

First, I need to say my blog has not been cooperating, or I'm doing something wrong. Before attaching each pic I rotate it the way I want it on the blog and then I attach it. Once I attach it it will rotate back the way it was before. If anyone has any advice about how to fix this problem I would really like that. But until I figure it out this is how it will be. Sorry for pictures every which way. (:
The past 3 months have been so Busy! Besides having a new baby, We took a quick trip to UT for Brad's triathlon, Stephanie's recital (Brad's sister) and to see Grandma Della and Grandpa Bob. Then we sold and moved out of our house and into Brad's parents for 5 weeks until we could move into our new house. We moved in June 12th and are still trying to get everything set up and put together. We will get pics when we are all done putting away our mess. We LOVE having a bigger house and quiet neighbors w/kids to play with. We have room to move around w/out stepping on anyone or thing. It has been a huge job to try to unpack everything w/my busy boys and little Lily but we are almost done. Jared and Nikki have been a huge help and we hope to return the favor when they move in a few weeks to OK. Thanks guys!
We also took a quick trip to Boise While Brad went to his conference my mom and Dick met me and the kids and we spent a couple of days swimming, going to the zoo and discovery center and having a great time. (Boise is about half way between Idaho Falls and Kennewick where my mom and step dad Dick live, it was a great place to meet.)
Our little Lily is growing like a weed, or should I say flower. (: She will be 4 months on Saturday! Already! She is a sweet, happy and easy going girl which is such a blessing given all that has been going on in her short life. She is smiley and giggly and the boys love to making her smile.
Ethan is still in Gymnastics and starts swimming lessons w/Eddie next week. He is loving all the kids to play w/ at our new house. Eddie has been taking swimming lessons although he was scared to death at first he is doing better and overall adjusting to all these new changes really well.
Hope you enjoy the pics

A couple of weeks after Lily was born, when we were trying to sell our house I looked out the window to see what they were up to and found them throwing mud at the house, and each other. I didn't know whether to be frustrated w/them or just to laugh. It was a big mess to clean up. I made them stay out side until Lily went to sleep and then hosed them and their clothes off and put them in the tub. I thought I would never get the mud out of Eddies hair and ears.

Brad trained for and participated in his first triathlon in UT in April. Brad has accomplished a lot of great things in our 7 yrs of marriage, but watching him accomplish this was one of the greatest things I have seen him do. I was so proud of him knowing how hard he had worked for it, it almost made me cry as I cheered him on and I'm not one to cry easily. He is wanting to do another one soon, yeah Brad! He hates this pic by the way, but I wanted to put it on anyway

This is a pic of Grandma Della holding Lily after Brad's race

Lily taking a snooze on the couch

Lily Laughing

Whenever I make a squeaky kissing sound Lily makes this face. I was trying different noises to make her smile and I think this one startled her. Brad and I laughed and got the camera ready and tried again to see if we could get the same reaction and we did. (;

Eddie wanted a light saber cake, I got this idea off the Internet and he loved it.

We celebrated Eddie's 3rd b-day early since we were moving into our new house the day before his b-day. We had a little party w/his friends, one w/Brad's family and then one a week later w/my family that I have in town. He was pretty happy about having so much b-day.

He got a slip n' slide for his b-day and wanted to try it out SO bad. We told him we needed to wait until we moved in. It was cold and cloudy but they wanted to do it anyways so we set it up. They were so cold it didn't last long. (:

This is a pic of Ethan in a turtle costume at the zoo in Boise

This is a pic of Eddie at the zoo in Boise w/some kind of animal ears

I don't know if Eddie is choking or hugging the penguin

The loved the carousel at the zoo, thanks grandma Terri!

Happy Lily already for her first swim! I dipped her toes in the water as I handed her to Brad who was in the pool. She screamed and started to cry so I took her back and that was the end of that.

We went to the discovery center in Boise, which is full of science exhibits. Everyone had a great time. Ethan especially loved this little shopping center they had. He spent most of his time filling his cart , checking out his groceries and then putting it back again. Eddie liked a lot of different things.

This was a lift in the discovery center they could sit in and use the rope to pull themselves upward.

We also went to Chuck E Cheese's while in Boise. The boys love to go there. Here is a pic of Lily wearing her Chuck E Cheese sticker on her bib

Brad and Eddie driving a race car

This is a skirt Aunt Wendy made and mailed for Lily. Thanks Aunt Wendy I love my cute new skirt!