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March & April 2014

My Dad and sister Jeni and her 2 kids Shyla and Issac came for a visit from WA! Grandpa and the girls watching Frozen
 Aunt Jeni and the boys
 Lily had tubes put in her ears when she was about 18 months because of all the ear infections she had had. The tubes eventually fall out on their own as kids grow and the hole left from the tubes repairs itself. That being said, the one on Lily's right side took a long time coming out and as a result she had a small hole in her ear drum that was unable to repair it's self. The Dr said if it wasn't patched she would never be able to hear very well on that side or put her head in the water with out an ear plug. As it was she hates her hair washed because if she gets water in her ear it hurts and she cries and cries. So, we set a date to have surgery. She was so excited to get her ear fixed, I know she didn't fully understand what was going to happen or that it would take time to feel better but she was so happy despite being at the hospital by 530am!

 In her gown and socks and holding the Cheetah the hospital gave her
 The surgery was at 7 so she took a few wagon rides while we waited, colored and sang "Let it go" from Frozen at the top of her lungs while watching it on Brad's phone. When the anesthesiologist came in and talked to us he said it was a 90 minute procedure and that she would have a tube put down her throat to make sure she continues breathing and an iv in her foot. I didn't know any of that until 5 minutes before they took her away. I had no idea it was that invasive, I was a bit stressed as I watched my happy little girl being rolled away toward surgery.
 The surgery went well. She was crying a lot she we got to see her. She wanted her iv out and said her throat hurt. The nurse said she couldn't take it out until she ate something and Lily refused. They were trying so hard to get her to stop crying and get her to eat something but I think Lily thought they were the ones that hurt her and she was just getting madder and more worked up and completely ignoring them as they tried to help. Then she threw up on her clothes and the nurses left while we changed her clothes. once they were out of the room Brad and I got her to calm down and eat a little Popsicle. Bless their helpful hearts I wish I would have just asked them to give us a minute in the first place. With ear surgery equilibrium gets thrown off so she was dizzy and her pain meds made her nauseous without food and since I couldn't get her to eat anything so was pretty sick. She just wanted to sleep and sleep. She threw up several times on the way home.
 My friend Julie came and picked up Mira and kept her while we were gone and Jeni and Dad got the boys off to school. Below is a pic of Issac and Mira playing.
 These pics are a little out of order. The day before surgery my Dad and our neighbor John helped take down 3 big branches from our huge tree. Below is the before picture
 This is after 1 1/2 branches were down
 The last branch fell right after the kids got home from school, they thought it was so awesome!!! They all got gloves and shovels and brooms and helped clean up. We had my 4 kids, Jeni's 2 and 5 of John's grand kids bustling all over the yard happy to help contribute in some way.
 Poor Lily slept all day after surgery. Her dad got a little nap too
 My dad held Lily all day coaxing Popsicles down her. It was such a huge blessing to have him do that. I know she needed that extra loving and with my other 3 to take care of too i couldn't sit and hold her all day. Unfortunately poor Grandpa got peed on twice when she couldn't wake up enough to go up to the bathroom. Sorry dad and thanks! Jeni helped by taking the other kids on bike rides and cleaning my house, thanks Jeni, you were a huge help too!
 Brad and I promised Lily that she could have a chocolate doughnut after surgery, which was really a dumb thing to do since she was so nauseous and out of it (we didn't really think about her feeling so sick after surgery). She woke up just a little bit here and there always asking for her doughnut. That night she was awake and feeling well enough to eat it. She was so happy about that and was able to eat about half of it and keep it down!
 Mira licking the powder sugar off her plate. She has learned that when she sees me hold up my phone it's picture time. It always makes me laugh to see her "camera smile", she's so silly.
 Cheese! Lily's friend Allie came over and took her flip flops off at the door, Mira was so proud of her self to be running away in them (they are both on backwards). Allie was so confused when she came back for them and they were gone
 Mira loves to be outside, but not by herself. One morning I looked out and Ethan was swinging with her. He was suppose to be getting ready for school but I thought it was sweet he took the time to do that for a few minutes
 I took a picture of  the last wall standing of the old Ethel Boyes Elementary school, you can see their new school right behind it
 Mira is contributing to dad torture by poking his eyes, haha, get him guys!
 Cheese, I love books!
 I love the look on Lily's face, she looks so worried about something
 Lily's practicing Ballet!
 Lily and Danica having a Popsicle in the grass. Blue tongues
 Grandma and Grandpa stopped by for a visit
 My newest niece Penelope Kay Carpenter. Congrats Darrick and Sharon, she's beautiful! Thanks for letting me hold her for so long, I loved it!
 We had an egg hunt at Greg and Diane's. Brad's cousin's Kira and Sydney were three too. Below is Brad's Uncle Ken giving detailed rules for what was allowed and what was not, and penalties for breaking the rules!
During the egg hunt Mira was more interested in trying to climb in the pond and playing in the dirt, but grandpa helped her find a few eggs
 Mira on Easter morning in her pretty dress
 My 3 big kids looking through their Easter baskets
 The squirrels ate a hole in 4 of the plastic eggs and ate the candy out of them! That's never happened before, after the first few eggs the kids found looked like this we were a little worried they would all be like that! Ethan holding up his basket of eggs
 Eddie on the search for eggs
 Lily and Mira looking for eggs
 2 new binky's from the Easter bunny, Yeah!
 Cheese, wearing mom's boot, backwards!
Lily turned 4 March 10th! She wanted to have a pink cake, chocolate ice cream and pizza at Leo's place. Happy Birthday pretty girl! 
Pizza and games and Leo's
 Mira's piggy tails, so cute!
 Lily's got a big girl bike for her birthday, a little Rapunzel (Lily calls her Mapunzel, I don't know why) doll a book and new socks
 Lily got a music box with a ballerina inside and the outfit she is wearing from Grandma Diane and Grandpa Greg, Thanks!
 The school district gives a book to each family every year and we read a chapter each night to the kids and they are tested on it at school the next day. This year we read The BFG by Roald Dahl. BFG stands for big friendly giant, and he has huge ears (the reason for the ears below) Everyone went to the school after we were suppose to be done reading the book and did some fun activities like making giant ears. I didn't go because I had the flu, thankfully grandpa was able to go and help Brad keep track of everyone since I had volunteered to help that night and he needed to take my place. They all came home so happy! I love this silly picture!

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  1. Awww, surgery on kids is so hard because they feel miserable and don't really understand why it's for the best. Funny about those squirrels!